Legacy Wine & Spirits International Ltd.
Wine Merchants, Importers, Marketers, Distributors and Store Keepers

Legacy Wine and Spirits International Ltd. (Legacy) is a publicly listed company trading in the United States (OTCBB: LWSP). The Company is in the business of importing bottled wines from around the world for the purpose of wholesale and retail distribution throughout China, in particular through the Company's corporately owned stylish outlet showroom and wine tasting facility.

Legacy offers select wines and spirits from choice regions around the world, initially North America, Italy and France and at a later date, South Africa and South America. Each wine maker Legacy chooses to represent has a unique history, identity and style of their own, yet all are united in the pursuit of superior quality. The Company's selection of wines will help to build a diverse and balanced portfolio that is constantly being refined to offer the best possible products to our customers whether they're retail, wholesale or corporate clients.

The Legacy team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable individuals from around the globe whom are responsible for:

Sourcing unique wineries to supply that special wine to be part of the Legacy collection.

Developing marketing channels and educating current and future consumers of our products.

The daily operations of the Company's outlet/showroom located in TEDA,  Tianjin, a second tier city just outside of Beijing.

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